Project Summary

At PRO IT MELBOURNE, we are aiming in terms of integrating the plethora of various back-office systems with the touchpoints as well as the devices of the customers for building this digital product today. The cost involved in terms of engaging a software team for connecting them in the single working solution might be sky-rocketing here. It is the reason the modern product managers while selecting vendors, are often placing their integration capabilities in the first place that might be coming down in terms of selecting the systems that expose API. Our site here used WordPress with a custom theme and implemented a third-party API that can help you get the live gypsy status. Let us check out how API implementation is aiding our business.


Technologies Used

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  • PHP
  • wordpress-icon
  • bootstrap-icon
  • jquery-icon


Our Approach


The data change of the customer is related to how the businesses are operating. If they are collected in a proper manner and are shifted around, then they can aid companies to elevate customer acquisition as well as the retention rates that would lead eventually to the burst in the income. But, it is somewhat a tedious job when it arrives at data crunching. And this is the reason why businesses are tapped into computer science. The databases have automated the most time-consuming tasks related to data that have become quite extensively popular across the marketing departments in the 90s. It there led to a massive shift in the way the marketing strategies were conceived, and this shift was known as the data-driven approach.


Absolutely gypsy psychics have become a highly-famed platform within this physic sphere to motivate others with the implementation of the WordPress and API-based site. This has aided customers a lot in terms of availability whenever it was required.

Creating An API Call From Scratch

API or Application Programming Interface is now has become the bottom line for businesses along with an effective tool for developers. Our team is capable enough in terms of fusing the plethora of technologies with proven practices mitigating the loopholes as well as the replications that might have existed in the organization.

Getting The Tailored Responses

It is mainly noted that API endpoints have a few features on utility that one can use for adjusting the API response if one requires a better format of data or you wish to attain the data in a specific order. These are considered as options that often stay hidden behind a few parameters that you can easily find in the documentation.

Project’s Key

  • User friendly design for best user experience.
  • Simple and attractive design.
  • Mobile friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy administrative operation.
  • Live Gypsy Readings.
  • Fast and secure website.
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